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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - SEO London & Hertfordshire

Any website at the top of Google will reap rich rewards - a plentiful supply of prospects to convert into new clients or online sales.

But do you have to be among the largest, wealthiest and most powerful companies to get up there above the competition?

Absolutely not!

Small and medium sized firms can achieve first page rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing with wise investment in search engine optimisation. That means collaboration with a SEO company like ‘Little Big Voice’ – a highly skilled marketing agency that gets top results.

Helping organisations of all sizes to steal a march on their competitors with a powerful online presence - that’s what we love doing best.

We’re often asked how we always manage to deliver such good results for competetive keywords. Without wanting to be evasive, it’s a question without a simple answer.

Look at the world of football. What gives the extra talented striker his ability to create that unique scoring opportunity? Training and discipline? Honest to good hard work? Putting in the ‘hard yards’? Yes, those are all vital.

But they can’t explain that rare and special spark, that certain je ne sais something or other. The special flash of skill that brings a whole crowd roaring to its feet.

We’re talking about instinct, intuition, élan, panache. Something that can’t really be taught. That’s the sort of components that we bring to our search engine marketing services. Having said this, we don’t agree with the theory that search engine optimisation is some sort of ‘black art’. It isn’t.

There are particular techniques and procedures which need to be applied properly. The knack – the part that can’t be taught out of a textbook or picked up from a software package – is knowing what, when, and how much.

Our website has been designed to help you understand about what we do, how we like to partner with our clients, and how we get results.

Above all else, we value an open and honest approach, with as little use of bewildering, technical jargon as possible.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our site. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, or if you’d like to make an initial enquiry about our services, please get in touch.

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