Choosing the right SEO company can be a bit like driving a car blindfoldedQuote

Choosing a search engine optimisation (SEO) company

How do you know who’s good and who’s not?

Having a website that can’t be seen is a bit like having a car without fuel. Search engine optimisation is about getting your website visible on the free listings to as many of your potential customers and clients as possible. (Over 80% of users click on the free listings – as opposed to paid ads).

If you’ve never done search engine optimization before, choosing the right company can be a bit like driving a car blindfolded. With no previous experience, you have no reference points. And with so many companies offering to work wonders with your website - how do you choose?

Then once you’ve chosen, how do you know if the company is doing the job properly? Particularly if you can’t see the results straightaway? Will you ever see them?

What really helps is to look at which companies to avoid, those that:

  • Cold call or email you promising you a number 1 position on Google
  • Hide behind a load of seemingly incomprehensible jargon
  • Ask for the whole fee upfront before they do anything at all
  • Have less than three years experience in SEO
  • Subcontract your work elsewhere or hand it over to the office trainee
  • Are unable to provide good past results for competitive key words. Ask for case studies
  • Offer you bargain prices. Unless you’re using a total novice a professional company will charge professional rates
  • Use illegal 'black hat' techniques such as link farms and paid links that will result in your website being banned

The Little Big Voice search engine optimisation campaign is geared to giving the user of your website what they want, and giving the search engines what they need to find and index your site.

The end result? Great return on investment for you – in terms of increased business through a quality online presence.

Back when search engines like Alta Vista, Lycos and Yahoo ruled supreme, all you had to do to get listed was optimise some meta-tags, stuff your pages with keywords and submit to the engines. Hey presto, job done. Those days are gone, and they’re never going to come back.

If a search engine optimization company is doing its job properly, it will use a combination of strategies – links, meta tags, bookmarking, directory submissions, competitor analysis just to mention a few.

Little Big Voice achieves lasting results because we do things in accordance with Google’s SEO guidelines without shortcuts or underhand techniques. We shouldn’t and we won’t promise you overnight results. We’ve never believed that a templated solution can achieve results.

A Little Big Voice SEO campaign is a long term strategy geared specifically to your business goals.

Still not sure? Click here to check out Google's own guidelines for choosing a SEO company.

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